Investment Advice Tailored to Your Goals

We don’t just market properties; we create a market for all properties that we represent. Our methods of communication from our brokers to the buyers and other brokers in the marketplace allows us to present your property to more qualified investors. By learning about our client’s investment goals and current portfolio status, we structure our advice to help a client decide to buy, sell, or hold. Our job is to build long term relationships with our clients to help achieve their long term investment goals. We are a trusted source for buying and selling net lease investment properties.

Pride and Passion

We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships within the commercial real estate community and with our past and present clients, lenders and title companies. These strong partnerships allow us to remain current with all industry standards, best practices, and up and coming services. Our team is consistently and successfully listing, selling, and evaluating net lease investments. This keeps us at the top of our game, meaning you can be at the top of yours. We are trained in assisting you to find your best options. Our results-oriented staff is unmatched; which ensures we are meeting your needs, above all else. Bottom line, we will be working tirelessly for you.

Single Tenant Lease Properties

Single-tenant net lease sales is a large portion of what we do here at Legacy Real Estate Advisors. We have experience with national retailers, such as coffee shops, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, Quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, and many more. We have worked with both private investors and large institutions. This array of tenants under our belt expands our reach and maximizes your value.

Multi-Tenant Retail Centers

Another large sector we focus on at Legacy Real Estate Advisors is multi-tenant retail centers. If this is what you decide is best for your next investment we can assist you. We have accurately evaluated, marketed and sold numerous multi-tenant retail centers nationwide. The market for multi-tenant retail is ever changing, with evolving costs of maintaining and operating properties, and fluctuating current market rent averages.  We stay current on market trends to advise our clients whether its time to buy/sell/hold their multi-tenant centers.

Property & Investment Evaluation

We have a unique perspective and work to fully understand all your goals and requests. When you couple our mission and expertise, you can be confident you’re getting the most from your investments. We are knowledgeable in underwriting, the ever-changing landscape of financial markets, and all real estate trends and practices. We will advise on holding, buying, and selling as well as helping determine all your investment objectives. We have unrivaled real estate development skills and can guide strategic decision-making and planning with our wide range of capabilities. We want to create a successful partnership with you, therefore, our extensive expertise is readily available for your convenience.

Listing Strategies

When it comes to closed transactions, our track record proves that our marketing strategies for your listing will help achieve your goal. We drive exposure, listing activity, and location demand so that your listing gets in front of the eyes of qualified potential buyers. Our disciplined financial insights create competitive bidding ensuring a desirable outcome for the seller. We always have you in mind.

Medical Facilities

The specialists in our healthcare property investment team have a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in this industry. They are skilled at identifying client requirements and assisting them to accomplish their goals effectively. Our agents at Marcus & Millichap utilize comprehensive marketing strategies, manage transactions from start to finish, and provide an amalgamated service that includes both debt and equity solutions. This approach significantly influences sales outcomes, ensuring maximum value is achieved for every investor.

Multi-Family Properties

Investing in multi-family real estate can provide a variety of benefits for investors. One of the main advantages is the location of these properties. Situated in major cities and close to downtown areas, these properties tend to attract a steady stream of tenants, particularly young adults and high-income professionals who value convenience and proximity to urban centers.

Property Management

Legacy Real Estate Offers the Perfect Property Management Assistance for Our Clients. We Offer an Extensive Number of Property Management Services with the Primary Focus of helping you Maximize your Earnings While Minimizing your Expenses. Our Real Estate Expertise Will help Guide your Properties in the Right Direction by Providing Full-Service Property Management Ranging From Rent Collections, Bank Reconciliation, Site Visits, Full Service Leasing, Among Many Other Services. Take the Headaches of being a Landlord Away by Letting Legacy Real Estate Manage your Property, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

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