I have been in the real estate/ title business for 23 years to date. I have worked with hundreds and thousands of Brokers and realtors all over the United States and had the most fun during the transaction I had with Alexandra Alsarih! She was on top of everything! Being on the Seller’s side, it is so refreshing when we have a Broker on the buy side that stays on top of all communications. Every week I knew I’d get an email from Alexandra asking for status on our construction and for any photos. It really helped me stay on top of our Project Manager knowing that by Wednesday of each week, I better have those photos ready because she would be emailing us asking for status. Not only was she on top of everything, but it was an extreme pleasure getting those emails each week. Alexandra eludes professionalism, she cares deeply about what she does on a daily basis and goes the extra mile for her clients on all fronts. I sincerely hope for the time we get to work together again because as a Seller, I will know she will do everything she can to inform her client of updates and making them feel more comfortable during the process. Hands down one of the best broker’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 23-year career!